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‘It’s Like an Automatic Deportation if You Don’t Have a Lawyer’

New York has had success with a project that provides pro bono lawyers for detainees. The Trump administration is undermining it. First of two articles. In February 2017, Carlos was arrested Read More

Beloved chef released from immigration custody

ALBANY, N.Y. – A beloved soup kitchen chef in upstate New York who was detained by immigration officials has been released from a detention center. The Times Union reports that Kinimo Read More

Lawyer: Rapper 21 Savage granted immigration bond

ATLANTA – Grammy-nominated rapper 21 Savage was granted bond for release Tuesday after spending more than a week in federal immigration custody, but he wasn't freed right away, his lawyer Read More

Fredrick Douglass Said…

Frederick Douglass said in a speech delivered before the A. A. S. Society, in New York in May, 1853: “The old employments by which we have heretofore gained our livelihood, Read More

What Happens With The Honduras Caravan?

Once again, a caravan of thousands of people, including children, from Latin America are moving through thousands of miles of Mexico, unhindered, to come to our porous Southern Border. This Read More

The Honduras Caravan Approaches

The latest caravan, or mobile mob, or organized march is on its way to our southern border. 18 USC 1325. Google it. Read it. Memorize it. This is the section Read More

The Founding Fathers Were Right About Immigration

I must address the opinions and ideals set forth by our founding fathers on the subject of immigration. Madison when drafting the Constitution, specifically granted power to the Legislative branch Read More

Trump’s New Policy is Anti-Immigration

On September 11th the Trump Administration put into effect a new policy that I find troubling. In the past, if a foreign national filed a petition for let’s say for an Read More

What do you know about SERA?

Congress has been purposefully remiss in passing immigration reform. The Left wants a victim group and the Right wants cheap labor. Actually, it is embarrassing as an American citizen to Read More

Immigration Policy is Simple. Here’s Why…

It’s simple. If I steal groceries from a grocery store, it’s illegal. If I drink and drive, it’s illegal. If I rob a bank, it’s illegal. Yet if a foreign Read More

Immigration Nation: What is DACA?

DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is a rule passed by the Obama Administration which allows individuals who have resided in the USA since June 15, 2007 and were Read More

5 Steps You Can Take to Obtain Your Green Card

In this article, we’ll go over five critical steps immigrants can take to obtain green cards in America. There are various visa programs depending on immigrant eligibility, so the help Read More

Ben Franklin writes that immigrants need to add more then they take or they will destroy the country

Franklin, Benjamin Founding fatherBenjamin Franklin writes that immigrants need to add more to the USA then they take or they will destroy the country “The importation of foreigners into a country Read More

What is an Investor Employment Creation Visa and How Can I get One?

Below, we’ll discuss an investor visa, who’s eligible, the motions of applying for one, and how the application process is simplified with the help of an elite immigration lawyer. An investor Read More

George Washington Discourages Immigration

George Washington First President of the United States (1789-1797)There is no need of encouraging immigration: “My opinion, with respect to emigration, is that except of useful mechanics and some particular descriptions Read More

Thomas Jefferson fears mass immigration will dilute English culture

Although as to other foreigners it is thought better to discourage their settling together in large masses, wherein, as in our German settlements, they preserve for a long time their Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 20 posts

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